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I have to say my favorite article this week was, "#NotSorry: 25 Things We Need To Stop Apologizing For". I for one constantly feel like I'm apologizing for thing and then thinking, "hmm why am I apologizing"?

Like #10, sending back food. I always apologize profusely, like I'm putting them out terribly, when really it should be the other way around. Or #7, saying no! It's hard not to feel bad when you have to say no but, sorry, NO I can not sew 200 flowers for my kids spring concert! Or my favorite #2, taking care of yourself. This one is so important for everyone involved so lets stop being sorry that we are actually going to take a shower or get our nails done!

I think we all need to stop apologizing so much. So no, I'm not sorry I like cheesy TV and watch Bravo every night! #sorrynotsorry

Enjoy the weekend and try not to say, I'm sorry!!

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