Hello readers! I hope your week has gone well.

Peace and quiet...two words that are hard to come by in my house recently (bringing home a newborn and my energetic 2 year old). At times, I actually worry that my youngest will never know a quiet house. (ekk) This week I was just thinking about how there is always something 'on' in my household. Obviously, the kids make noise; but aside from that, lots of other noises that just don't always need to be going. There are computer screens on and running, T.V. making noise, cell phones buzzing and ringing, lots of my toddler's toys making sounds, and of course people talking (and for those that know me, I am not a soft spoken person).

I have to admit, I enjoy my T.V. and checking my phone and texting...but a little more peace and quiet would be nice. I probably need to work harder on eliminating noise in my house, when I can. When I was teaching, one of my favorite pieces of advice had to do with this topic. A veteran teacher once told me this: 'we should never punish children by being quiet. Remember when you were in school and teachers would make you put your head down and stay quiet when the class was not behaving...well by doing this, we are teaching our children that having to sit quietly is a punishment. Which is the opposite of what we should be teaching them. Sitting quietly with your own thoughts, is a very good thing!' I will never forget this advice and I couldn't agree more with this teacher.

I am going to try to put down the cell phone, shut the computer screen, turn off the t.v., and embrace the quiet. It's important for me to lead by example for my kids and simply enjoy the calm.

T.G.I.F. and I hope you find some peace and quiet this weekend. Have fun reading issue #79!

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