As a parent, we need to make sure we give ourselves a break…some adult time to enjoy without feeling bad about it. This past weekend, I left my one-year-old son for the first time. He and his dad were going to have a ‘boys weekend’ while mommy visited one of her best friends in another state. At first I was nervous and it was a little hard to leave, BUT I have to be honest and say…I HAD A BLAST! I am so glad I did it. I was able to relax, drink some wine (and a little champagne—why not), chit-chat with my bestie, and sleep in a great bed without checking a monitor or getting up in the middle of the night…it was bliss!!!

By the end of the weekend, I was ready to return home see my boys. I felt fully refreshed and it was nice to miss my husband and son. I brought back all the positive energy from my visit and jumped right back into our normal weekly routine. Adult time is always a good thing. It is however, important to surround yourself with great friends. Don’t’ waste your precious free time (because we all know free time is few and far between) on anyone that is not worth it. Take time for yourself and the positive friendships you have!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy Issue #8!

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