Hello Darling Weekly readers! Issue #80 is filled with great articles!

This past week, we have have been able to finally play outside a TON. (I know all my east coast readers can relate--we are over this winter!) I can not describe the joy I feel when we are able to get outside and get some fresh air. After a long winter, you can REALLY appreciate the warm weather!

A couple evenings this week, we have found ourselves playing outside way past dinner time. One evening, as my son zoomed around in his John Deere Tractor, several neighbors were taking walks with their kids. As each group of people passed, they stopped and said 'hi' and even some of the families stayed for a while as the children started to play. Our street was filled with kids and families taking in the nice weather. This took me right back to memories of my childhood...

We were lucky to live in an area filled with kids. I smile as I think about my children growing up on our current street---there are many young children (and I am sure more to come) for them to play with. There is something to be said for great neighborhood friends. They might not be in the same grade as you in school or involved in the same activities as you, but I know these friends will help you create special memories. These are the kids that you don't have to set up special playdates and the friends who you can just pop over to their house and knock on the door without hesitation. These are the buddies you will get muddy with, ride bikes with, and maybe get into a little trouble with-ha!

Hopefully this weekend you can get outside and connect with a neighbor...you never know, that could be a friend for life!

Enjoy issue #80!

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