We have another jammed packed issue for you. Here are my top 5 reads for this week!

  1. "Why I Don't Like Play Based Learning" gives a very interesting perspective on this hot topic and makes you think, is it really learning through play if someone is directing that play?

  2. I really enjoyed the article, "Using digital tablets in pre-school settings – what does the research say?". Since I have a preschooler I'm always interested in hearing more about what makes sense for them to be using technology wise in the classroom and there is some good information here.

  3. Check out this cute activity, Shaving Cream Rain Clouds. This would be great to do on a rainy day or when the kids are bored at home!

  4. In a lunch slump? I'm so bored of what I pack my kids and I'm sure they are too. Check out the Weelicious article for some great lunch inspirations!

  5. If you have a move coming up in the near future, make sure you read the article, "Stress-Free Moving with a Baby", to get some good tips to help make it a little easier.

Have a great weekend!

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