Hello readers! Hopefully this week has gone smoothly.

This week my day was made a little brighter by someone's small gesture. And in that moment I thought, 'small moments of kindness go a LONG way!' I even decided to email that person and thank them...(here's the quick story).

As I have mentioned before, my two year old is very strong willed. My husband and I work extremely hard to reinforce sharing and taking turns and right now that concept for my son is difficult. When things don't go his way, get ready for a meltdown. This week we were at our weekly playgroup and he was having a rough time. He seemed to always want a toy someone else had or had trouble taking turns when another child tried to take turns. This typically fun time, seemed long and exhausting for me. I gave him many reminders and tried to help him navigate these situations (I am sure I am not doing everything right?!?!).

On my way out, one of the ladies was saying goodbye and I said, "it was nice to see you...it just wasn't our day." This wise, kind mom of five (yes five!!!) quickly said, "it's ok, he is such a good boy!" (referring to my son). She could clearly see that during the playgroup, my kiddo had a tough time--but of course that does not make him a bad kid. Her kind words were exactly what I needed. I couldn't stop thinking about it...so I emailed her. I thanked her. I let her know what that meant to me. She ended up writing me back and her positive words continued.

I know I always try to be kind and thoughtful to others and this really shows you how much a small kind comment can mean to someone. She really brightened my day---on a day that I really needed it. So please remember, your kindness (even small) does not go unnoticed.

Enjoy issue #84 and be kind.

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