Happy Friday, everyone!

In many places, this week is the last week of school....meaning: Schools out for the summer!!!! (I love saying that, even though I am not teaching this year!) The end of school was always such an exciting time when I was a student myself (and probably even more exciting as a teacher--haha)!

I think there is just something special about the summer, especially summer nights! I love that it is light out soooo late in the evening. It gives you the perfect excuse to stay outside longer and go to bed a little later. The other night I came home from yoga and was greeted outside by my hubby and my two-year-old son at about 8:45 pm. Yes, I know that is a little late for my little one to be out but he was having a ball outside with his dad. As soon as I got out of the car he yelled, "Hi mama!" Melt my heart!!! I am usually a stickler for bedtime, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the perfect evening.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. I hope you get to spend some quality time with family and friends and stay up a little late, if it happens to be a perfect summer night!

Enjoy issue #90!

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