Hello DW readers! I hope you have had a productive week!

This issue is packed full of great articles, creative ideas, and helpful suggestions. I love the article, "5 Crucial Ways to Keep Your Own Stress From Giving Your Child Anxiety." These 5 simple tips could really help a kiddo who is stressing about something.

You know how people say that kids put up on EVERYTHING---they totally do. My two-year-old repeats and listens to everything I say. I have noticed that when sometime does not go right or even if I bump my toe and say, "ouch" my little guy says, "what happened, mama?" As I read this article, I thought about the fact that my son, in his own way, was expressing 'worry' in certain situations. He wants to know why something is wrong.

I loved tip #3, "Problem-Solve Out Loud." The article describes this strategy as: "When it's obvious that things aren't necessarily going as planned, you don't have to outwardly lie to your child and shield them from every high-stress situation. Instead, use it as a learning opportunity by showing your child how to keep calm under pressure and diligently focus on working things out." I know sometimes I try to explain exactly what went wrong--but it is something I need to become more constant with. I so enjoyed this article and love the fact that I have 5 new ways to keep my kiddo more calm and less stressed!

Hopefully you have a great 'takeaway' from this week's issue! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy issue #92!

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