Hello Darling Weekly Readers! Hopefully you are keeping cool in this hot summer heat!

Parenting is not for the weak! From day to day, you never know what to expect. For me, a type A person, it is hard for me when the day can go off course or things pop up that I could never have expected. We are trying to be very consistent with my son who is two and half years old. To be honest, it would be much easier if I just gave in every time he had a fit or wanted something he should not have---but most of the time, taking the more difficult road is the RIGHT decision and the BEST decision for my child (doesn't make it easy).

One of the recent struggles has been bedtime. This is noooo excuse, but since it is lighter out later and with so many fun, special activities in the summer, bedtime in general has gotten later and my kiddo tries every night to make it even later then planned. Some nights, I don't even want to fight it. I just want to give in and say, "stay up, it's easier on me". But, I know making sure that he gets to bed at a reasonable time each night is best for all of us. My husband and I need the down time and my kiddo needs his rest!

I was just talking to a friend of mine about which age was the toughest: is it the 2s, the 3s, or is it the teenage years? Who knows...but I do know, that when it feels difficult, frustrating, overwhelming, and down right tough...it probably means you are doing something right!

Take it easy, take a deep breath, and enjoy reading issue #96!

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