Hello readers! Hopefully you have had a productive, positive week!

So, this is going to sound a tad pathetic, but my husband and I went on our first date alone (sans children) since my second child was born--5 months ago!!!! I know, that sounds crazy, but it is totally true! The funny thing is, I always thought with my second child, it would be much easier to leave her. I have done this before and this time I will leave her even sooner than I did my first (at least that is what I told myself--ha!)

Last week was our anniversary and my husband's birthday. It is a very special week for us and we needed to celebrate. My husband contacted my mom and surprised me with a dinner out. He planned to have her come watch both children (my two-year-old and my 5 month old). When he first told me, my reaction was, "well let's see how the week goes." I was worried because my daughter is going through a stage where she only wants me or my husband. She is very aware of who is holding her and typically cries within minutes. Leading up to the date, I was feeling nervous and unsure about leaving her.

Fast forward to the day of the date. I was in the car with both my kiddos and I was telling my two-year-old the plan for the evening. I told him that mommy and daddy were going to go to dinner and how it's important for us to go out just the two of us. I reminded him that he needed to be a big helper tonight with his younger sister. Before I could even finish telling him the plan, he says, "bye, mama!" Ok, so he is ready for a night with his grandma! :) My husband and I literally run out the door before we could hear my daughter cry (never fun for that to be your last sound before you walk out the door). Well, it turns out, she didn't cry. She only fussed when she was tired and that is very normal for her. My hubby and I had a wonderful night. Good food, great wine, lovely company, and even bumped into a few friends!

Long story short, sometimes we worry about what might happen---but think about if it all goes right?!?! I am soooo glad we took the time to be together, just the two of us. Sounds silly now (how worried I was) but in the moment it was real. Whatever it is, it is important to let go and take a moment. For us, that night out was just what we needed!

Have a great weekend and maybe even enjoy sometime alone! Here's to issue #98!

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